Understanding Speed

Actual speeds vary depending on Internet congestion, the speed of one particular web site over another, the number and type of applications running, the number of users sharing a connection, local wiring and equipment at your location, and many other factors.

Our Residential download speeds vary across the different packages that we offer, and can be seen by clicking here. Please note that these network speeds are rated in bits per second, not bytes. 

If you have multiple users on your network--either wired or wireless--the current number of users online will share the available bandwidth.

Flight Gigabit service is not affected by all of the same things that can affect our copper internet services, such as SNR (signal to noise ratio). Flight is either on or it is off, there is no in-between.

Connection Speeds are what the Industry uses to compare. They assume a pristine, uncluttered network, a network protocol with no overhead, an empty Internet, a perfectly functioning computer, and so on. This, of course, is never the case, hence the more realistic notion of Throughput Speeds.  

Throughput Speeds are what you will actually experience surfing the web, and these vary.  One day you might be watching movie trailers at a speed close to your connection speed. The next day--say after the newest blockbuster trailer is now posted online--your speed to the same site is very slow. That has nothing to do with your Internet service but rather with the number of people trying to access the same site.  The congestion, in this case, is on the movie trailer web server and not related to your computer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the performance of your Internet connection, please feel free to contact our technical support team.