Why am I receiving someone else's mail?

  • If another customer has a Username similar to yours, then you may be receiving incorrectly addressed emails intended for someone else.
  • The email is most likely spam (unsolicited commercial email) that was sent to someone else and you don't see your email address in the "To" field or "CC" (carbon copy) field, because your email address was probably included in the "BCC" (blind carbon copy) field. Email addresses included in the "BCC" field are not visible to the recipients.
  • Spammers use robots to scour web pages harvesting email addresses. If you have posted on a newsgroup, bulletin board, signed a guestbook, etc., they could have found your email address.  Another way is to simply guess.  Spammers use huge lists of names, first names, first names with initials, first names and common last names, and entire dictionaries of words.  If the guessed message they sent is not rejected as unknown, then the spammers know they have a valid email address