Privacy Policy Annex A: Cable Privacy Rights Notice


The Cable Act requires us to inform you about our collection, use and disclosure of your personally identifiable subscriber information.


To provide reliable, high quality service and maintain adequate records, we keep regular business records that contain your name, address, telephone number, social security number, and other personally identifiable information. Such records include billing, payment, deposit, complaint and service records, records of information you have furnished to us, such as the location and number of television sets connected to cable and the service options you have chosen. We may also collect and maintain information about you that enables us to provide a more personalized online experience, such as your locate and preferences you indicate with respect to service options. We use this information to sell, maintain, disconnect, and reconnect services; to make sure that you are being billed properly for the services you receive; to maintain financial, accounting, tax, service, and property records including records required by the terms of our franchise; and for the purposes described below. By using the Service or, you consent to the collection of this information.


The Cable Act allows us to collect personally identifiable information and to disclose it to a third party only if (a) you consent in advance in writing or electronically; (b) disclosure is necessary to render cable service and other services we provide to you and related business activities; (c) disclosure is required pursuant to a court order and you are notified of such order; or (d) for mailing lists. Various persons may have access to your records when needed in connection with our business. We may make your records available to system employees; corporate directors; cable system sales agents; businesses that provide services to the cable system such as our accountants, lawyers, billing and collection services; program guide providers, where applicable; program services which may periodically audit subscription information; and representatives of the franchising authority. We take reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access to subscriber information. Furthermore, as explained in our Privacy Policy, we may disclose you personally identifiable information pursuant to (a) a subpoena issued in a civil or criminal investigation or in litigation; (b) a civil investigative demand issued by a government entity; or (c) a court order ALI may also disclose personally identifiable information to law enforcement agencies when expressly required to do so by law.

As required by the Cable Act, we destroy subscriber information that we deem is no longer necessary (in our sole discretion) for the purpose for which it was collected unless there is a legitimate request or order to inspect the information still outstanding.


The Cable Act allows us to disclose your name and address for mailing lists and other purposes unless you object. However, such disclosures of names and addresses will not be in any form that discloses the extent of viewing or other use you make of any service we provide. If you do not wish to have your name and address included on a subscriber list that may be used for mailing lists and other purposes, please advise us by sending us a directive to that effect. Please specify your name, address, service account number and the specific action(s) you wish us to take on your behalf. Within a reasonable time following receipt we will remove your name, according to your request.


The Cable Act provides that the government may seek a court order to obtain personally identifiable information, if it offers evidence that such records are material to a criminal case, and if you are given the opportunity to appear to contest the evidence.


As a cable subscriber, you have the right to review any personal information held by us that pertains to you by giving us a reasonable period of time to locate and, if necessary, prepare the information for your review. (Preparation is sometimes necessary to avoid disclosure of information relating to other subscribers.) You are not entitled to inspect records containing information about other customers; and you are not entitled to access to our billing system. If you wish to review your personal information, please contact us by writing to: Antietam Broadband, Inc., 1000 Willow Circle, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740. Any personal information that we collect or maintain that pertains to you may be corrected upon your request if it is found to be in error. You may bring a private civil action in the U.S. District Court and you may ask to recover damages, costs and attorney's fees if the limits under the Cable Act have been violated.


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