Data Usage Plan

Antietam Broadband Data Usage Plan

Antietam Broadband offers multiple packages of high-speed residential Internet service to best meet the needs of our customers. Antietam Broadband offers a monthly data plan for each Antietam Broadband High Speed Internet package to help ensure a high-quality online experience for all our customers. Monthly data usage includes data downloaded and uploaded within a given calendar month.

Internet Starter: 5Mbps down / 1M up, 500GB per month.
Go Fast: 10Mbps down / 1M up, 500GB per month.
Ultra Fast 30:  30Mbps down / 5M up, 600GB per month.
Ultra Fast 50:  50Mbps down / 5M up, 750GB per month.
Ultra Fast 100:100Mbps down / 5M up, 1,250GB per month.
Ultra Fast 200: 200Mbps down/ 10M up, 1,500GB per month.
Flight Gigabit Fiber: 1G down/ 1G up, no usage limit.

What can I do with 500GB per month?

• 1,200 websites visited, 20 minute visit per site AND
• 10,000 plain text emails AND
• 10,000 HTML emails or images AND
• 150 hour long massively multiplayer games AND
• 1,000 MP3 Songs AND
• 150 hours of streaming music AND
• 150 hour long standard quality TV shows AND
• 100 hours of HD movies

Why does Antietam Broadband have a data plan?

Antietam’s plan protects the vast majority of Internet customers from subsidizing the minority of heaviest users.  Impacting less than 5% of customers, Antietam’s data usage plan helps ensure that extremely high data-usage users do not negatively impact other customers using Antietam Broadband's network.  Bandwidth consumption overall has increased 50% each year for the past two years.  Despite multi-million dollar investments in our network, it is still necessary to implement a data usage plan comparable to that of other Internet providers.

How can I see how much data I have used?

Antietam Broadband provides a Bandwidth Usage Meter for you to monitor your monthly data usage. Simply log in to and click on “Self Care Portal” to see a three month view of your data usage.  Over 95% of customers are routinely below or well below their monthly data consumption plan and will not be impacted in any way.

What Activities Use Data?

Sending, receiving, surfing, downloading or uploading information through your Internet Service consumes data.  This data includes, but is not limited to, images, movies, photos, videos, streaming media, system download updates, application and system updates.  It also includes network and application overhead which are necessary elements to send and receive the traffic to its proper destination.

What happens if I exceed my monthly data plan?

If you exceed your data plan, Antietam Broadband will notify you by email to the address registered in your My Services account to alert you.  You will receive email notifications at 70%, 80%, 90% and 100% of your data plan. These notifications will allow you several opportunities to assess your data usage and make modifications to your usage as you deem necessary. Once you reach 100% of your monthly data consumption, you will be billed for additional data usage. Additional increments of 50GB for $10 will be applied to your account.  The 50GB remains available for the rest of the current calendar month.

If you find yourself frequently exceeding 100% of your data plan, you may want to consider selecting a different Antietam Broadband High Speed Internet package that better fits your needs. However, your service will not be affected or interrupted if you choose to stay on your existing package subject to the terms and conditions of Antietam Broadband’s Acceptable Use Policy.

What happens if I decide not to take action after receiving my notification?

Once you reach 100% of your monthly data plan, you will be billed for additional data usage. Additional increments of 50GB for $10 will be applied to your account.  The 50GB remains available for the rest of the current calendar month.  You will receive additional email notifications if you exceed 70%, 80%, 90% and 100% for each additional allocation.

What if I need more data usage above what my data plan offers each month?

If you feel that your Internet data usage will continue to exceed your data plan, we recommend that you consider an Antietam Broadband High Speed Internet package that more closely matches your use of the service. You should review your monthly usage and determine if a different package of Internet service would be better suited for you. You will also benefit from the faster speeds that come with a higher Internet package.

What should I do if I believe the information in the Bandwidth Usage Meter is higher than I expected?

There are numerous factors that can impact your data usage. These factors may include someone in your household consuming a lot of data, an unsecured wireless network being used by someone outside your household, automatic application or system updates (such as McAfee, Microsoft Office, or iTunes) or possibly even a virus. Therefore, we recommend you take the following actions:

  • Speak with other members of your household or other parties with whom you may be sharing your computer(s) or Internet service to ensure you are aware of the total usage for your account.
  • If you are operating a wireless network, check the security settings and ensure that you are not unintentionally sharing your Internet service with your neighbors or other unauthorized users. Securing a wireless network is an easy process that takes only a few minutes and protects both you and Antietam Broadband from potential abuse. Please see our knowledge base page on Wireless Security or consult your individual manufacturer for assistance. 
  • One or more systems connected to your Antietam Broadband High Speed Internet Service could be infected with a Trojan virus which is using your connection to further spread itself or conduct other malicious activities. You should immediately remove any infected systems from the network, back-up your personal data, re-image and then re-secure the system. If you are not familiar or comfortable with this process, you should seek the assistance of a trained professional or at least someone who is knowledgeable and capable of performing these tasks. Click here to learn about our Antietam Protection Plan.

Why does the Bandwidth Usage Meter show usage even when I am not actively using my Internet service?

Your computer may be sending or receiving data even if you are not actively using your Internet service. For example, your computer could be automatically downloading operating system updates, security software updates, and application updates like ITunes, games, etc. Also, if you use a cloud-based storage service and have configured that service for automatic uploads to back up files, this will add to your data usage.

How accurate are your data usage measurements?

The independent 3rd party firm, NetForecast, verified accuracy of the technology Antietam Broadband uses to measure data usage to within plus or minus 0.3%.  This exceeds the industry standard of plus or minus 1%.